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Whispers to the Wind has moved to its own NEW WEBSITE beginning
September 2013.  All of the past two years of Whispers Pages
have been moved as well.

Please come visit the new site at

Whispers to the Wind are brief reflections on quotable pieces of the Catholic Mass Scriptures read every day.  The quotes may come from the Old Testament, Psalms, Epistles, or from the Holy Gospel readings.  Pictures always link to more information or
a musical piece relating to the Scripture quote, or sometimes to the Saint of the day.

Below is an example of one day’s Whisper.  Quotes are highlighted in blue italics with the Scripture reference following . . .  The picture link in the example below will also bring you to the Whispers home.

(22nd Sunday Ordinary Time, C)
Jesus said, “every one who exalts himself will be humbled,
but the one who humbles himself will be exalted.” Lk 14:1, 7-14

biff-back-to-the-futureShhhhhh . . .

Remember that bully kid, Biff,
in Back to the Future?
If you ever watch the whole series,
it’s fun to see what happens in the end
to the one who exalted himself
and the family who were humble.

Maybe we think that it’s all just Hollywood.
But ever run into that bully kid from your
Junior High days, years later?
Same story!

Jesus is always right!  So stop fretting over it.
May He bless you with the strength to survive it –
if you’re in the midst of it now.
But know, in consolation, beloved,
that the future is in God’s hands.
And God is JUST!

Just wait and see.
It’ll all be worth it!

Link to Today’s homily (“Who’s Poor”)

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Elijah – Seeking God

Hello Bloggers!  Well, it’s been a long long time since I’ve posted anything new here.
Of course, “Whispers to the Wind” is updated every day and “Homilies” monthly.
But I don’t seem to get many visitors there – Looks like Google doesn’t follow updates
to Pages.  But I really do like the ‘Page’ format much better than these Posts.  Unfortunately Pages don’t come with tags and Google seems to like the tags and pictures for searches.

So today we have a totally new video that I’ve composed with a song from a beautiful young singer named Hannah. The video’s title is “Elijah – Seeking God”  I discovered Hannah’s original music searching for something to go along with the Whispers Page.  Hannah’s song lyrics were perfect.  The video is still, maybe a little crude – it’s my first adventure into adding .GIF’s and a little more video segments using the Apple iMovie program. Sometimes the best you can give is the best you can get.  It’s published in
HD quality – so if you have the choice – the quality is a little better as you go up.

Hope you enjoy!
God bless you, beloved!
Always to the Glory of Jesus!

Elijah – Seeking God Thanks for visiting!
Would love to hear your comments!

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The Tomb

(Holy Saturday)
The TombSilence!
The anguish, the sorrow, the unknown.
The loneliness, the heartbreak, the emptiness.
The anger, the . . .

. . . to continue, Click on picture above
And just what is that white dot in there???

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Portable Bookshelf

Click on Picture for Link to “A Portable Bookshelf”

Yes, we can buy them at WalMart or Target.

But sometimes they can be pretty chincy too.

And where’s the fun in that anyway!

So here’s how we can make our own, unique, portable bookshelf, with a little ingenuity and a few tools.

Hope you enjoy!



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.  .  .   “This whole ‘Head and Heart’ discussion reminded me of a pine tree
that used to live
in our front yard.  It was one of eleven, brother and sister,
white pines that grew there over the past 19-years.
To the head (to the eye and the mind), all of those trees
looked fairly healthy, full and green.
And then a few days before this past Christmas, . . .

. . . So what about us?
Ever come face-to-face, eye-to-eye, with evil? . . .

Deliverance headerClick on Picture for Full Article (Homily 02-03-13)

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My Ludovico Einaudi – Jan 2013 “In a Time Lapse”

Anyone who hasn’t discovered Ludovico Einaudi yet is missing
a very, very sweet piece of life.

Today he presented a note on Facebook about his latest album
called “In a Time Lapse.”

Several have already made video shorts which include some of the new songs.

This one, I’ve linked through the January Whispers, is called “Burning.”
(Please scroll down in Whispers to find Picture/Video Link)
Loved the colorful pix in this video presentation…

Ludovico - "Burning"

Ludovico’s Facebook link brought us to the following:
(Video goes about 2 minutes before actually starting music)

Hope you enjoy!

As always, with God’s blessings.
In Christ’s love, Joe

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Happy Fall

Why Fall?

(Don’t miss the links with each picture)


from space,




from a board,



from a wall,



Continue reading

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