Here I am Lord, send me.”  Is 6:8

But the LORD said to me, ‘Do not say that you are too young, but go to the people I send you to, and tell them everything I command you to say.  Do not be afraid of them, for I will be with you to protect you.  I, the LORD have spoken.’  Then the LORD reached out, touched my lips, and said to me, ‘Listen, I am giving you the words you must speak’ …”  Jer 1:7-9

This page will house Sunday Homilies which are based on the Scripture readings for the Catholic mass.  The Homilies are reflections on the Scriptures and should always relate to the Scripture readings – they are not stand alone “Sermons.”  So wherever possible try to read the Scriptures referenced for the day, prior to reading the homily.  Some Scriptures are hyperlinked to the USCCB or EWTN sites, while more recent homilies have the  Scriptures included in our webpage right after the homily.



The Homily links below are listed in reverse-chronological order,
(the newest is first in the list, dated by year-month).



2017-11, Coming Home

2017-09, Our Father’s Priests

2017-07, Postscript

2017-05, I’ll Be Watching You!

2017-04, Atom!

2017-03, Overcome by the Light

2017-02, The Immensity of Love

2017-01, Inauguration

. . . . 2017-01-11, Free Again


2016-12, Vindication

2016-11, New Beginnings

2016-10, In the Footsteps of Conversion

2016-09, Choice: In God – In Me

2016-08, Treasures

2016-06, Take Up Your Cross

2016-05, Snapshots

2016-04, One of Those Days

2016-02, Hope, Mercy and Challenge

2016-01, “Do whatever He tells you!”


2015-12, It’s All Good

2015-11, Blessed

2015-10, The Good, The Bad and The Awesome

2015-09, Now You’re Speaking My Language

2015-08, The Secret

2015-06, Washed in the Blood of the Lamb

2015-05, Remain In Me

2015-04, Real Friends

2015-03, No Surprise

2015-02, Hearing God’s Voice

2015-01, A Chocolate Chip Epiphany


2014-12, Journeys

2014-10, The Owner, The Tenant and The Thief

2014-09, The Watchman

2014-08, Nourished with Joy

2014-07, The Dichotomy of Life

2014-06, Light and Time

2014-05, The Storybook

2014-03, God’s Tracking Numbers

2014-02, Big Words – THE Word

2014-01, Finding Jesus


. . . . 2013-12-06 Redemption

2013-12, The Santa Claus Song

2013-11, Interruptions

. . . . 2013-10-10, Persistence and Perseverance

2013-10, The Pity-Party

2013-09, Who’s Poor?

2013-08b, Sympathetic Resonance

2013-08a, The Roller Coaster

2013-07, The Greatest Joy

2013-06, An Unconventional Solution

2013-05, Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue

2013-04, Blessed are the Believers

2013-03a, IT

2013-03, Standing Secure

2013-02, Deliverance

2013-01a, Transformation: Water to Wine

2013-01, The Mirror on an Airplane


2012-12, Dare to Step Over the Line to Freedom

2012-11, Rock, Paper, Scissors – Faith

2012-10, The Bridegroom

2012-09, What Rules?

2012-08, Come and Believe

2012-07, Imperishable

2012-06, Graduation and the Holy Trinity

2012-05, Choice (CENSORED)

2012-04, Who’s the Fool?

. . . . 2012-03-16, ALL of You

. . . . 2012-03-14, The Beach

2012-03, God Rocks

.  .  .  . 2012-02-08, Breathless

2012-02, The Cure for the A-B-C Diseases

2012-01, Mother of God, Puzzle Pieces


2011-12, The Pop-Quiz

2011-11a, Carbon Copies

2011-10, Diamond Highlights

2011-09,  Life’s Answers

2011-08,  Fear

2011-07,  Rest

2011-06,  A Conversation with Jesus

2011-05-30,  Memorial Day

2011-05, Prove it!  On Faith, Mercy and Love

2011-04,  Spiritual and Physical Sight

2011-03, “I Never Knew You”

2011-02,  Of Salt, Sand and Light, Shhhhh

2011-01, The Gift


2010-12,  Who’s Coming?

2010-11, Zacchaeus

2010-10,  Unprofitable Servants

2010-09, The Wake-Up Call

2010-08, The Three Views of Life

2010-07, The Kingdom of God

2010-06, The Line

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