Gray Clouds

Gray is defined as the color between black and white.
It’s not black, and it’s not white, it’s gray.

Gray is mystery.  Gray is lost.  Gray is jobless.  Gray is colorless.  Gray is old – no, not old and not young, just gray.  Gray is useless.  Gray is mediocre.  Gray is depressing.  Gray is, well, gray just isn’t . . .

If we look at a photo that’s not in color, it’s “black and white.”

If we drink the chocolate and vanilla fountain soda – it’s a “black and white”; it’s not a gray.  It’s not a ying and it’s not a yang. It’s not a here and it’s not a there – it’s just gray.

So where does gray fit in?   And why should it be included in the Colors of Life.

Gray Earth Dust over Merapi Indonesia Volcano

Well, maybe Gray is NOT life.  Maybe gray is really death instead.  Gray is the color of ashes, burned out, burned up, past, gone.  Yet, if death is black and life is white, gray is neither either.  Gray – the color of middle, mediocre, lost, hopeless, life in the doldrums.

Ahhh, but Life all the same!

So let’s explore gray and see how we can somehow color it; or not!.

A Gray Whale

Just watched an amateur film on the web.  It was called “The First Days of Spring,” and was put together by a British, Folk group called Noah and the Whale.  It lasted 45 minutes!  45 minutes of waiting for something to happen.  Nothing.  It was GRAY.  Somewhere in it there must have been something – I just didn’t find it, yet.

It was sad, depressing, lost – Gray.  Guess that’s what prompted this page on gray.  It is a very good quality film for the internet.  Guess you’d call it one of those eclectic  films – gray – and I usually love those films – just didn’t find it here, yet!  I’d guess somewhere in there there’s a SPRING.  Out of the gray.  New Life!  Can you find it?  (Oh, and my apologies for including it in my web page – there is one use of noxious language.)

Gray Landscape

A Gray Landscape

Now, one interesting feature about gray is that it can come in many different shades, like all the colors, but maybe even more so.  We can have entire photos with shades of gray that really look pretty good.

So maybe gray’s not that bad after all.




A Gray Pooch

Think about our creature companions and sometimes best friends, our pet dogs.

They cannot see any of the colors we do.

Imagine life without color!



.     .     .     .     .   some time goes by .     .     .     .     .

OK, all I can say is, the more I’m getting into Gray, the more interesting I’m finding it.  In reality, it is Gray that brings out the color in all the other colors!  There’s gray music and gray games and gray pictures, gray animals and fish and flowers.  What an awesome color.

It’s getting late, but we’ll get back to gray shortly.  Here’s just a couple of examples ….

Rainbow on a Gray Sky

A Fogbow

A March Snow Globe

An Interesting Game called “Gray” – Learn as you play…

 A Gray Slideshow

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

So, WOW, Gray IS really pretty cool! 
Notice how the colors stand out so much more, next to the gray. 
Notice how ‘gray-te’ (great) the gray looks next to the colors.

Well, guess being a GRAY person is OK!

Just look what we can do for others!

. . . and PRAISE the Lord for Gray!


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Thank you for visiting Gray!

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