Hello visitors and welcome to ColorMe4Life.

Site Map: Across the Black border, below the Header Picture, are the names of the Header Pages of the website:

About – you are here!
What’s Newa listing of the latest changes and additions to the Website
BlogsBlog Page with Posts – each Post can be opened separately with different Header Pictures.  It’s fun just to look at all the different Header pictures.
Life Colors
Colors of the rainbow and more –  in pictures with video and music links.
The Lord’s Page
Scripture referenced Catholic discussions and Links to useful websites, Monthly Homilies, Sacrament references and other Christian discussions.
Time – Time in Life, History, Space, Other odds and ends, and Music.
The Howspouse – Bloggy stuff about working at home.
Picture Gallery – Photos from around town and around the world.  And a compilation of many of the Website’s header pictures.
Games – Some clean, fun mind challenging games
Whispers – Whispers to the Wind – Daily Mass Quotes – reflections on notable quotes from the Sacred Scriptures from Catholic Daily Mass

Maneuvering the Website:

  • Hovering your cursor over any of the Header Pages will bring you a Dropdown menu.
  • Clicking on any of the Header Pages or Dropdown Pages will open that Page.   Remember, just because there’s a dropdown doesn’t mean the Header Page itself isn’t chock full of goodies too!
  • Dropdown Links will have the word “Link” in their title.
  • Clicking on any Graphic (except Header pictures) will link you to another website for more information on that topic – this may be a video, music or text link.  I’ve tried the best I can to avoid links with lots of ads or indecent pictures, words, etc.
  • The colored words, or hyperlinks, will also link you to fun and useful websites.  Some of the best parts of the ColorMe4Life site are the links – they’ve been hand picked to go along with the topics – some funny, some incredibly beautiful, some interesting and educational – but they’re all terrific!  DON’T MISS THE LINKS!

Your Comments on anything you see or read in the website are welcome.
There is a place at the end of each Page for comments.

Finally, if you find any of this information interesting or fun, or just funny, you’re welcome to Become a Fan of our page.  When new Pages or Posts are added, you will be notified by e-mail, securely – NO SPAM – promise!

At this point, this site is designed to be informational, fun and safe for all to see.
None of the links will force you into any unwanted advertisements.
If they accidentally do, please let me know!

Hope you enjoy.


P.S.  Most pictures and links have come from existing resources on the web.  There are many others that are original content.  Please notify me if you feel there is any copyright infringement and please courteously ask if you’d like to use any of the original content (such as Homilies, Blogs, whole Pages and the ColorMe4Life YouTube videos).  Thanks!

And thank you again for visiting.
May our Loving God Bless you richly!!!

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