You know you need a job when . . .

You know you need a job when…

You find yourself writing blogs about needing a job,

Five months of your meager pension savings go toward a car tuneup,

Dinner out is at the grocery store’s cafeteria, on a coupon,

You’ve become an expert at folding fitted sheets into something other than a ball,
– And after you’ve fixed the bed, you can bounce a quarter in the middle,

You’ve become an internet expert at world politics, medicine, science and
crossword puzzles,

You’ve taken so many photos of your back yard,
that you can make a daily picture calendar for the next 5 years,

This was supposed to save on gas money

The parts for everything you try
to fix are classified as “antique”
and are no longer available,
even on ebay,




All your friends are asking you to do all the things they don’t want to do,
and all of your excuses are gone,

You can’t wait to get outside to mow the lawn,
but you have to save up for a month for the gas to be able to do it,

You spend a whole summer creatively fixing your house’s thresholds
rather than hiring a pro to do it in a day,

You’re wondering how you’re going to re-tape your windows this winter to keep the cold out, since they, of course, are “antique” and unfixable too,


Internet want ads for truck drivers or phlebotomists are still scrolling through your mind an hour after you’ve gone to bed,

The only jobs you can find in your profession are from the company that downsized you,

You start your own business to re-dye your faded carpets rather than just buy new ones,  and of course the business fails because everyone else has jobs and buys their own,

Your web/blog site is getting so enormous, you get lost in it yourself . . .

– – – – And Y E T – – – –

You thank the Lord you have a computer and the service to use the internet,
when much of the world doesn’t,

You thank God you have a car to move about in,  shoes to walk in and a working body,  there are too, too many homeless, shoeless, starving people who wish they had
even just your scraps and your health,

You thank Jesus you have a bed to sleep in, a roof over your head and a meal to eat,
because in many countries if it’s not bombed or flooded or destroyed by fire or earthquake, then there are always other crazy terrorists who chase you out into the desert to starve to death,

You praise the Lord that you have a Catholic community to pray with,
for in some countries even that’s forbidden,

You thank God, you don’t have sleepless nights because of gun shots, bombs or fighter jets outside (barking dogs and coyotes we can deal with),

You thank the Lord that you have such a supportive and loving wife,
even though life may still be a little stressful,

AND you pray, pray, pray for all those who suffer,
and maybe someday,
if I promise to give 20% of every penny I earn to help them,
maybe, someday,
I’ll find a JOB!

If you know, YOU NEED A JOB TOO, Please give us a “Like” or Comment…
Maybe we can pray together!!!

God bless!

“Jesus looked at them and said,
‘For human beings this is impossible, but for God all things are possible.’”

Mt 19:26


But in the meantime, we can always keep looking.
Here are just a few resources . . .

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Hello and welcome to ColorMe4Life and Whispers to the Wind. My name is Joe Puglis and these websites encompass various aspects of my life. From the backgrounds of grocery store proprietor, to research chemist, to manager, carpet dyer and Catholic deacon you'll find a cornucopia of colors here, the Colors of Life. Most dear to my heart is my love of God, my awesome family, and you, beloved. Thank you for visiting. Please come back again. And feel free to visit the links in all pictures and hyper-linked words. These are always hand selected to go with the topic of discussion and kept as absolutely clean as possible. Also, I apologize for any links that have been removed by their owners. In time I try to replace them or update them. Hope you enjoy. May God bless YOU always, in Christ's love! Joe
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1 Response to You know you need a job when . . .

  1. Dena says:

    You are blessed….even if you are not gainfully employed outside the home, you do have a job!! You do your job very well….you evangelize each and every day….you live your life for Christ….Wow!!
    I am blessed to have you as an example in my life!

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