Life Colors

Comparative Sizes of the Wavelengths in the Electromagnetic Spectrum

We find many different colors in Life, as varied as the rainbow
from red to violet and beyond in both directions.
In this page we’ll look at some of that variety.
Where are these colors found and how are they formed?

Natural Dyes

Now, if, per chance, one of our awesome visitors was to take
a peek at any of the Color Pages
and NOT click on
any of the Pictures for more info or the attached video,

it would be like browsing at book covers without ever opening the book
it would be like licking a lollipop with the clear plastic wrapper still on.

Some of the best parts of the Pages are in the Links.
So don’t be squeamish to click and peek, then ENJOY!
And it’s all safe stuff too!

The Coloring Song (another video version)


Links to other color pages:



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