What’s New

This will be a place for a date-wise listing of changes and additions to Pages within the website.

Even though there may not be any new Posts,
the Pages are ever-changing and new ones frequently added.


03-05-19 – Updated “Lent” Page for 2019
Just a note, Homilies since September have just been included
in the Whispers Site, by date.


09-09-18 – September Homily Added – A Touch of Communication
08-12-18 – August Homily Added – The Ups and Downs, and Life!
07-08-18 – July Homily Added – Rejected, but not Defeated
04-29-18 – April Homily Added – The Mystical Body of Christ
02-25-18 – February Homily added – Mother May I ?

12-24-17 – December Homily added – The Reality of it All, Mary’s Fiat
11-05-17 – November Homily added – Coming Home
09-11-17 – September Homily added – Our Father’s Priests  (no Homily in Aug)
09-03-17 – Added page “09-03-17 Lauren and Eric’s Wedding” under Picture Gallery, People Pix
08-30-17 – Added link in Header to brand new OFS website – Joyfulservantsofs
07-02-17 – July Homily added – Postscript
05-21-17 – May Homily added – I’ll Be Watching You!
04-28-17 – New Blog post – Paterson
04-23-17 – April Homily added – Atom!
03-26-17 – March Homily added – Overcome by the Light
02-26-17 – February Homily added – The Immensity of Love
01-22-17 – January Homily added – Inauguration
01-17-17 – Added in Picture Gallery – Old Clifton NJ Shots
01-11-17 – January Weekday Homily added (on request) – Free Again

12-11-16 – December Homily added – Vindication
11-16-16 – Updated links up to Green Songs
11-13-16 – November Homily added – New Beginnings
10-09-16 – October Homily added – In the Footsteps of Conversion
09-04-16 – September Homily added – Choice: In God – In Me
08-07-16 – August Homily added – Treasures
06-20-16 – Inverted order of homilies on Homily Page so latest is on top of list.
06-19-16 – June Homily added – Take Up Your Cross
05-02-16 – May Homily added – Snapshots
04-10-16 – April Homily added – One of Those Days
02-28-16 – February Homily added – Hope, Mercy and Challenge
01-17-16 – January Homily added – “Do Whatever He Tells You!”
Also in last month updated links in Time and Music again.


12-06-15 – December Homily added – “It’s All Good”
11-03-15 – November Homily added – “Blessed”
10-05-15 – October Homily added – “The Good, The Bad and The Awesome”
And added new, embedded video in Eucharistic Miracles on Buenos Aires Miracle
09-22-15 – Updated/repaired Colors and Color Songs
09-06-15 – September Homily added – “Now You’re Speaking My Language”
08-02-15 – August Homily added – “The Secret”
No July Homily
06-07-15 – June Homily added – “Washed in the Blood of the Lamb”
05-19-15 – Added 05-09-15 Christie and Joe’s Marriage Pictures to
Picture Gallery/People Pix
05-03-15 – May Homily added – “Remain In Me”
04-12-15 – April Homily added – “Real Friends”
03-01-15 – March Homily added – “No Surprise
02-14-15 – Updated Lent Page with a new calendar and a few corrections and additions
02-01-15 – February Homily added – “Hearing God’s Voice
01-06-15 – January Homily added – “A Chocolate Chip Epiphany


12-07-14 – December Homily added – “Journeys
(Sorry faithful followers – I didn’t have a Sunday homily in November – back next month)
10-05-14 – October’s Homily added – “The Owner, The Tenant and the Thief”
09-07-14 – September’s Homily added – “The Watchman”
08-03-14 – August’s Homily added – “Nourished with Joy”
07-29-14 – July’s Homily added – “The Dichotomy of Life”
06-03-14 – June’s Homily added – “Light and Time”
05-05-14 – May’s Homily added – “The Storybook”
04-18-14 – No Sunday Homily in April, but instead added new page under Pictures, People Pictures, Easter 2014 – Joe’s Entrance into the Church
03-02-14 – March’s Homily added – “God’s Tracking Numbers”
02-04-14 – February’s Homily added – “Big Words – THE Word
01-05-14 – January’s Homily added – “Finding Jesus


12-05-13 – New weekday Homily – “Redemption
12-01-13 – December’s Homily added – “The Santa Claus Song
11-30-13 – Added time lapse video of Comet Ison’s perihelion around the sun in TIME
11-21-13 – New addition to Eucharistic Miracles page about a Eucharistic miracle in the news today, in Vilakkannur, India.
11-03-13 – November’s Homily added – “Interruptions
10-19-13 – A weekday homily added – “Persistence and Perseverance”
10-07-13 – October’s Homily added – “The Pity-Party”
09-30-13 – New Post: Zoom Zoom Sunset Pix
09-25-13 – New Post: Butterflies 2013
09-18-13 – New Blog header picture, Changed Whispers to a link to the website.
09-12-13 – New Post: Our Cormorant – A Very Different Visitor
09-01-13 – September’s Homily added – “Who’s Poor?
08-31-13 – August’s Whispers moved to “Daily Mass Quotes – August 2013” located in the new website http://cathliquotes.wordpress.com. Whispers to the Wind will be continued from tomorrow onward as daily posts  in the new website.  The Whispers heading in ColorMe4Life will be removed, though for now the pages will not be deleted yet.  The home for colorme4life.com will again be “Blogs.”
08-18-13 – Whispers to the Wind is MOVING.  I’ve created a new website under the address:   http://cathliquotes.wordpress.com.  At this point the plan is for it to house only Whispers.  The rest of colorme4life will stay.  The objective was to change the daily Whispers from monthly edited Page additions to daily Posts.  The change will take effect beginning September 2013.
08-10-13 – New Blog and link to new video – “Elijah – Seeking God”  Also attached link to this video in the Whispers to the Wind – Daily Mass Quotes page under the blowing bubbles picture.
08-04-13 – Two Homilies added for August – “The Roller Coaster” and “Sympathetic Resonance”.  Also July’s Whispers moved to “Daily Mass Quotes – July 2013” and Whispers to the Wind now begins August 1, 2013 with a new header picture.
07-07-13 – July’s Homily added – “The Greatest Joy
07-01-13 – June’s Whispers moved to “Daily Mass Quotes – June 2013” and Whispers to the Wind now begins July 1st, 2013 with a new header picture.
06-02-13 – June’s Homily added – “An Unconventional Solution” and May’s Whispers moved to “Daily Mass Quotes – May 2013”  and Whispers to the Wind now begins June 1st, 2013 with a new header picture.
05-06-13 – May’s Homily added – “Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue” and April’s Whispers moved to “Daily Mass Quotes – April 2013”  and Whispers to the Wind now begins May 1st, 2013 with a new header picture.
04-12-13 – Two new songs added to Opening section of Whispers
04-07-13 – April’s Homily added – “Blessed are the Believers”
03-31-13 – March’s Whispers moved to “Daily Mass Quotes – March 2013”  and
Whispers to the Wind begins April 1st, 2013 with a new header picture.
03-29-13 – New Post – “The Tomb
03-28-13 – Added some new song links to Music in Time
03-24-13 – Palm Sunday Homily – “IT”
03-03-13 – March’s Homily added – “Standing Secure”
03-02-13 – February’s Whispers moved to “Daily Mass Quotes – February 2013”  and
Whispers to the Wind begins March 1st, 2013 with a new header picture.
02-11-13 – New Blog Post – Portable Bookshelf with link to three pages of pictures and descriptions beginning: “A Portable Bookshelf 1 – Goals, Resources, Concept, Plans ”
02-04-13 – February’s Homily added – “Deliverance” and Blog Post link.
January’s Whispers moved to “Daily Mass Quotes – January 2013”  and
Whispers to the Wind begins February 1st, 2013 with a new header picture.
01-31-13 – New Blog – My Ludovico Einaudi – Jan 2013 “In a Time Lapse”
01-20-13 – New Homily for January – “Transformation: Water to Wine”
01-06-13 – January’s Homily added – “The Mirror on an Airplane”
01-02-13 – December’s Whispers moved to “Daily Mass Quotes – December 2012”  and Whispers to the Wind begins January 1st, 2013 with a new header picture.  Happy New Year everyone.  A Blessed Christmas Season to all.  Coming soon: January’s homily for this weekend – The Epiphany.  God Bless!


12-05-12 – New Post – “Happy Fall”  on the order of “Happy Spring.”  Be sure not to miss the links with each picture – they’re quite awesome works contributed by others!
12-02-12 – December’s Homily added – “Dare to Step Over the Line to Freedom” with blog using same name as intro.
12-01-12 – November’s Whispers moved to “Daily Mass Quotes – November 2012”  and Whispers to the Wind begins December 1st with a new header picture.  Happy December everyone. Happy Advent! Coming soon: December’s homily for this weekend and hopefully before winter hits, a new, simple post called “Happy Fall.”  God Bless!
11-04-12 – November’s Homily added – “Rock, Paper, Scissors – Faith
11-03-12 – October’s Whispers moved to “Daily Mass Quotes – October 2012”  and Whispers to the Wind begins November 1st with a new header picture.  If you missed October there are some awesome links attached to the various pictures – enjoy!
10-17-12 – New Blog “Mystery, Mystery” as link to new page “Paschal Mystery” under
The Lord’s Page header.  Includes video and song links, great pictures and an Awesome Theme!
10-08-12 – October’s Homily added – “The Bridegroom
September’s Whispers moved to “Daily Mass Quotes – September 2012”  and Whispers to the Wind begins October 1st with a new header picture.  After a summer of an overabundance of 100+ degree-F temps and no rain we welcome our beautiful October here in Mid Missouri, USA!!
09-02-12 – September’s Homily added, “What Rules?
August’s Whispers moved to “Daily Mass Quotes – August 2012”  and Whispers to the Wind will begin with September 1st.  Happy September everyone!!
08-05-12 – August’s Homily added, “Come and Believe” on St. John’s Bread of Life Discourse.
07-31-12 – July’s Whispers moved to “Daily Mass Quotes – July 2012”  and Whispers to the Wind will begin with August 1st.  Happy August everyone!!  O God, I love you people soooo much!
07-28-12 – Published a new Post “Photo Gallery” announcing link to Picture Gallery, also added new photos in Nature, Sky and Places categories since 07-24.
07-25-12 – Published Header Pix, a compilation of all the Header Pictures used to date.
07-24-12 – Published Picture Gallery with sub-folders Nature Pix, Sky Pix and Places Pix.
More to come, both in new photos and categories.  Plan on having one Page with all the page and post Header Pictures with links to those pages or posts.
07-18-12 – As Whispers to the Wind is the site’s DAILY updated post – though it doesn’t show in the blog posts since it is just updated and not reblogged.   Today it was converted from a Post to a Page, removed from The Lord’s Page (header) and made it’s own Header.  I also changed the Home location from ‘Blog Home’ to Whispers.  This website overall is quite diverse in subject matter, but most recently I’ve found either less opportunity or inspiration for blogging as opposed to reflecting on the Scriptures.  That reflection is in Whispers EVERY DAY.  There are rarely visitors to that page, so just thought I’d bring it more to the forefront of ColorMe4Life.  All the other good stuff is still there and I will blog when appropriate inspiration comes along!  God bless.
07-10-12 – Published what is done so far on “The Church Triplet” – the final of the Stained Glass Splendor series
07-06-12 – New Main Header Category – GAMES – some clean fun brain exercising games
07-02-12 – June’s Whispers moved to “Daily Mass Quotes – June 2012”  and Whispers to the Wind begins with July 1st.  Happy July everyone!!
July’s Homily added “2012-07-01, 13th B, Imperishable
06-21-12 – New Post – “Freedom
06-18-12 – New Post – “Jesus – The Solution to Evil in a world Looking Ugly” A Whispers to the Wind reflection
06-17-12 – New Post – “Naboth – The Problem of Evil in a world of Good”  A Whispers to the Wind reflection.
06-03-12 – June’s homily added “2012-06-03, Most Holy Trinity B, Graduation and The Holy Trinity
06-01-12 – May’s Whispers moved to “Daily Mass Quotes – May 2012” and Whispers to the Wind starts June 1st.  Blessings!
05-13-12 – May’s homily added “2012-05-13, Sixth Sunday of Easter B, Choice
04-30-12 – April’s Whispers moved to “Daily Mass Quotes – April 2012”  There are some awesome links in April’s reflections!!!   Whispers to the Wind now begins with May 1… enjoy!  Also, just a note, May’s homily will be 2nd weekend of May instead of 1st.
04-22-12 – Added new page on St. Stephen under The Lord’s Page section.
03-31-12 – April’s homily added: “2012-04, Who’s the Fool?”  Whispers to the Wind updated and tomorrow will split out March to it’s own “Daily Mass Quotes – March 2012” page.
03-20-12 – OK, finally put out a new post – pretty simple – just a hi!  Can’t miss it at Home, “Happy Spring
03-16-12 – Weekday Friday Homily “ALL of You” in Homilies;  New header and moved “moving feet” to top in What’s New;  Added tomorrow’s Whispers reflection.
03-14-12 – Weekday Wednesday Homily “The Beach” in Homilies
03-11-12 – March Homily added “2012-03, God Rocks” in Homilies under The Lord’s Page
03-07-12 – Looks like the blocking of “The Life of Mary Our Mother – Part 3 of 3” was removed and the video is again available for most countries to view.  Thank you EMI.
03-03-12 – Moved Feb’s Whispers to “Daily Mass Quotes – February 2012
02-12-12 – Updated “Lent” with 2012 calendar and 2012 Scripture references
02-08-12 – New, mid-week homily “Breathless” in Homilies under The Lord’s Page
02-05-12 – Feb’s Homily – The Cure for the A-B-C Diseases
01-31-12 – January Whispers moved to “Daily Mass Quotes – January 2012
New month!  Happy February.
Also, new theme song for Whispers – click on butterfly picture.
01-05-12 – New Page – “Some Days”  just a song in my head this morning.
01-02-12 – Split out December’s Whispers to Daily Mass Quotes – December 2011
Happy New Year, world!
01-01-12 – January Homily added “Mother of God, Puzzle Pieces


12-28-11 – New Post – “God’s Artwork” – morning window frost on cars
12-15-11 – New Post – “THE Christmas Anthology” A document with the Christmas Stories of Sts. Matthew, Luke and John in columnated comparison.
12-5-11 – December Homily added “The Pop-Quiz” Dec 2011
11-30-11 – Split out November’s Whispers – A New Month, welcome December!!!
11-29-11 – WordPress is at it again – messing up pictures and formats – had to redo all pictures in the entire website.  Sorry for inconvenience, viewers.
11-24-11 – New Page under The Lord’s Page called: Adam’s Apple: Catholic Evangelization, Trial by Fire
11-21-11 – New Post and Pages – “Profound Epiphanies“, “2011-11-20, 34th A – Christ the King, Carbon Copies” – within Homilies
11-4-11 – Updated some links in Eucharistic Miracles
11-3-11 – New post – “The Gospel of Life,” link to Whispers, with link to JPII Encyclical – an oldie, but absolutely awesome writing.
10-31-11 – “Daily Mass Quotes – October 2011” split out as new page from “Whispers to the Wind”  Welcome November!!
10-27-11 – Couple new additions to the Time page.  And got rid of the Anderson Time Travel link – it was a hoax and was removed from the web – suspected as much.
10-24-11 – Mustard Seed Hope post, reference to Whispers to the Wind which seems to be blowing only out to the ocean lately!
10-20-11 – Well, I believe all the header pix are fixed.  Please let me know if you find any that look like they’re still missing.  Thanks for your patience! (For reference, Header size must be a min. of 940 x 198)
10-18-11 – As of today, all of a sudden many of the header pictures are not appearing, rather are just being substituted with the Main website header.  Hopefully this will be fixed by WordPress soon.
10-6-11 – Lost Video post – about loss of The Life of Mary our Mother – Part 3 video to the YouTube police.
10-2-11 – Homily for today added “Diamond Highlights”  Also moved September’s Whispers to the Wind – Daily Mass Quotes to its own page.
9-24-11 – Sorry gang, it’s been a while.  Posted “You know you need a job when…
been working on the last of the Stained Glass Windows set – it’ll be a little while yet.  Also keeping up on Daily Mass Quotes, so far… in “Whispers to the Wind” ..  God bless!
9-8-11 – New post – “The Birth of Mary – the Mother of God”  linked under The Lord’s Page.  I also made a comment at the end of the 2011-09 Homily – seeking responses…
9-4-11 – Today’s homily added under The Lord’s Page / Homilies / 2011-09  Life’s Answers
9-1-11 – New Post – i Love September – links under Time page
8-29-11 – New website link in the Time Page (Anderson Inst.).  Also beginning info on Lightning Bugs in Time Page.
8-26-11 – Split out July’s “Whispers to the Wind” in a separate page.  Will do this by month.
8-14-11 – Moved “The Howspouse” to its own header, under which will come other home repair pages as they arise.  Added first of these called “Fixing a Threshold“.  Also a post to lead to it.
8-10-11 – Added fun pendulum videos to Blue and Time pages.  Updated most Scripture links, except for older Scriptures not added to USCCB site yet.  Recovered or replaced many video links removed by authors or owners – will probably be an ongoing battle – please let me know if you find a non-working link.  Thanks, Joe.
8-8-11 – August’s homily added, updating Whispers daily.
Discovered today that the USCCB website changed their web address for Scripture references – that means all of the links to Bible references, daily Scriptures etc., will not work.  This will be a fairly enormous task to change all the references.  So if you run across a Scripture link that does not work, sorry, but it will be corrected eventually!
7-28-11 – New song added to Time Music by Libera – goosebumps!!
7-26-11 – New Post “Whispers to the Wind”  will be updated daily with quotes from daily Mass scriptures – Post will be located under “The Lord’s Page” category.
7-23-11 – Many little updates on pages between 14th and now.  Today added links in Liturgical Calendar section of Time Page for Saint of the Day.
7-14-11 – PUBLISHED – “The Jesus Triplet” in Stained Glass Splendor under TIME.  An incredible tribute to our Lord, with some wonderful, fun and educational Links!  One last triplet to go in our Stained Glass Splendor set.  What a journey!!!!
7-10-11 – Added new video link to “Who Said It Was Cold” post – awesome journey to Oymyakon by Nick Middleton of Oxford!
7-9-11 – Updated “Who Said It Was Cold” post with somewhere colder and interesting video
7-6-11 – New Page “Lost” under Time.  Also added a segment on Time Personalities in the Time Page
7-3-11 – July’s homily added, updated some of the links in Eucharistic Miracles.
6-29-11 – Added Post with link to new YouTube video “Magnificat – The Canticle of Mary.”  (Next Stained Glass Splendor window set on Jesus is in the works)
6-16-11 – Added The Moses Triplet under Stained Glass Splendor in the Time Page – Awesome Page – lots of video links!
6-15-11 – New White Songs page with one new song added
6-14-11 – Moved Blue Songs and Violet Songs to their own new pages and added five songs to Blue.  Also added June’s Homily for The Ascension under The Lord’s Page/Homilies
6-9-11 – The first and second window sets, “The Creation Triplet” and “The Abraham Triplet” pages added under “Stained Glass Splendor.”  Be sure to check out all the links!
6-6-11 – Added “Stained Glass Splendor” introduction page to Time
6-1-11 – Published new Primary Page entitled “TIME“.  More to come…
5-30-11 – Memorial Day Homily under The Lord’s Page/Homilies
5-28-11 – Some new info in “Who Said it was Cold.”
TIME – coming soon!
5-21-11 – New Main Header
5-17-11 – “The Life of Mary Our Mother – Part 3” added to YouTube and Blog here with link to video.  That’s all 3 now, enjoy!!!
5-16-11 – New Page “Green Songs” added as sub page to Green
5-12-11 – Page add-on to Orange called – “A Mid-May, Mid-MO, Orange Sky
5-9-11 – “The Life of Mary Our Mother – Part 2” added to YouTube and Blog here with link.  Rapidly getting closer to publishing the “Time” page and Gathering many more Green songs for the  Green Page
5-2-11 – New Blog Home Post with link to YouTube video “The Life of Mary Our Mother – Part 1”  Parts 2 and 3 to come
5-1-11- Added May’s Homily – “Prove it! On Faith, Mercy and Love” in Homilies under The Lord’s Page
4-22-11 – Added Easter Blessing post.  Added “Easter Food Blessing” link to Lent at Holy Saturday in Triduum.
4-19-11 – Added Eucharistic Miracles Page under The Lord’s Page and a Post announcing it.
4-18-11 – Updated Oymyakon post with a few new pix
4-17-11 – New Page added under The Lord’s Page – “Divine Mercy…”  and Post which links to it.  The Page links to the YouTube Divine Mercy video.  Finally got this on YouTube – had to split it in two parts. – – – Also updated Lent Page through Palm Sunday.
4-12-11 – “The Color Purple” added to Violet Page.  Still working on “Time” and another new page on “Eucharistic Miracles”
4-3-11 – Added April’s Homily to The Lord’s Page – Homilies, on Spiritual and Physical Sight
3-30-11 – Bought into the domain – now we’re – colorme4life.com.  Working on a new page entitled “Time“.  Will publish what we’ve got so far next week.
3-27-11 – Updated Week 3 of the “Lent” page (really moving) and added a couple new Yellow Songs – Really funny!
3-26-11 – New Page added as sub Yellow under Life Colors – “Yellow Songs” – 28 new songs with Yellow in title and background to them.
3-20-11 – Updated Lent Page with some Week 2 info and videos.
3-19-11 – Renamed Website from Joe4Life to ColorMe4Life, which has less conflict with similarly named sites.  This is also the name of my YouTube site.
3-17-11 – Updated Life Colors page and added new blog – “Is That Really in There?
3-16-11 – The “ColorMe4Life” YouTube Channel now has 5 Videos and 14 Favorites.  The link to it is under “About.”  Viewers from around the globe!
Also added a Word Doc link under the “Week 1” section of Lent for fun reading, games and recipes.
Informational updates to Blue, Violet and White pages for Music.
3-15-11 – Four more songs added to White
3-14-11 – Updated Gray with new Video, Game and slideshow
3-13-11 – Updated Blue with some TV and Movie blue characters, with links to trailers and episode clips.  Updates and couple changes to Orange.
3-12-11 – Added link to my new YouTube Channel – ColorMe4Life – which has, so far, 3 videos I’ve compiled.
Updated Lent Page with Week 1 Reflection.3-10-11 – Placed Holy Matrimony video on YouTube and replaced Facebook link on that Page with YouTube Link. Video is slightly abbreviated, but Facebook, full version link is still there, at the end of the reflection.
3-9-11 – OOOK, I finally added a new Post – The Howspouse – just a blog!  Happy Lent!!
3-8-11 – Added brief homily in Lent Page for Ash Wednesday.
3-7-11 – The “About” Page was revised with a site map and general website directions.
–  The Tori Amos – Famous Blue Raincoat video (by this author) was uploaded to You Tube and the link made in the “Blue” – Life Colors Page – much better version of the video than earlier!
–  Added 11 new songs/videos to the Life Colors / White Page – Just AWESOME!
3-6-11 – March Homily added
3-4-11 – Added the voice video link of “Holy Matrimony – A Reflection” to its Page
3-1-11 – New personal video under Blue/Tori Amos
New Page under Life Colors entitled Gray
New Header pictures for Home Posts
Prior week – Added Music Videos under most color pages of Life Colors

3-19-11 – Webpage name was changed again from Joe4Life to ColorMe4Life, as there are other Joe4Life pages out there that may not be appropriate for the audience seeking my page, and to avoid confusion.  ColorMe4Life was not found elsewhere at this time (except for my YouTube page with the same name).

2-7-11 – revised Homilies page, separating each homily into its own page that can be reached by a hyperlink.  Homilies also have titles now – just based on some facet of the reflection.  As always and only in Christ’s Name!

1-18-11 – Website name was changed from Joe4Dyeing to Joe4Life, as my business status changed and I’m no longer dyeing for a living. With that change somehow or other I lost all the site’s pictures and links. I’m gradually repairing. So if any of the links don’t work or you don’t see any pictures –
be patient, they’ll come back.


July 2010 – Hello and welcome to my new website.  Still learning the ropes, but there are a couple of links available to some of my other sites.  I look forward to an awesome new adventure as we grow together.

Peace and Blessings.

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