A Mid-May, Mid-MO, Orange Sky

Words just can not express the AWE!
Pictures come close, but still not quite the same.
It’s May 12 here in Mid-Missouri.
We just had a terrific rain storm, hail and wind included.
And just minutes later all of a sudden, here comes back,
good ole’ SUN for one last goodbye
to top off a pretty great day!

Always wondered why they made the heaviest part
of those storms orange-red…

Columbia, MO is between Kansas City to the west and St. Louis to the east.

So here we go.  Hope you enjoy!
Columbia in the Orange!

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2 Responses to A Mid-May, Mid-MO, Orange Sky

  1. Jane Bellinghausen says:

    Are these from your home? Awesome!! I missed seeing the rainbow and that is a favorite part of a rain for me. THANKS for sharing

    • Joe says:

      Yes Jane, these are from home. Thanks for your comment! It all happened really quickly, the orange sky, the rainbow and then it was all gone. And I was just telling Mary Ann how regardless of all the junk that goes on in the world, be it natural or our own doing – IF WE just LOOK, there’s always something beautiful somewhere out of it all (That’s God’s doing) – Here, out of the wind and the rain and even some hail, with threat of worse, what an awesome sight!!! Thanks for watching, Jane. You’re a blessing!

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