The Howspouse

Funny, as I was ironing my white, dress shirts, which are worn much less frequently any more, I thought I invented a new word to describe myself, a “housespouse.”  But good old Google let me know in no uncertain terms that it clearly IS a well-known term, especially in today’s economy.  So what exactly is a house spouse?

Well I guess that’s part of the problem.  There is no “exactly.”  For me, as a self-proclaimed “howspouse,” I am currently a displaced, male, pHd chemist, who after a three-year  attempt in an untapped market, just shut down his own company as a franchisee, both for lack of business and due to a disappointingly unsupportive franchise owner.

In the process, I discovered several things.  I am now well trained in how to dye carpets and remove all kinds of carpet stains – a pretty useless skill!  Though, it WAS fun while it lasted.

I have also reconfirmed for the umpteenth time, that I am NOT a salesman.  Unless someone has actually seen their own bleach spot disappear, and paid next to nothing to get it done, it’s highly unlikely they’re going to call someone to do this “impossible” task, no matter how many example photos are on the internet, how disgustingly obnoxious your car color and decals are, or who else told them that it’s a pretty cool process and they were thrilled with the results.  I am just not a salesman!

So what’s a guy with a high level degree in chemistry (Ph.D.), experience in developing and synthesizing new agrochemicals, analyzing trace pesticide residues and metabolites in plants and animals, chemical engineering manufacture of flexible micro-circuitry, business and corporate management and ownership, and fiber dyeing experience – do with his life after the death of dyeing?

Well, we become How-spouses.  How do I do this and how do I do that?  ‘Thank you sir.  A smile and a handshake for a great job!  It’s just too bad you’re not making any money.”  Yet, we’re too young and still have too many bills to retire.  And we’re too old and (at least they think) we want too much pay to be rehired.  Besides being way-overbaked in the corporate oven – what’s the answer?

Well for now, we’re playing with a mostly undiscovered website, that in my biased view is quite awesome!  Remember – I am not a salesman!!!  So maybe nobody will ever read this.  That’s OK.  Got it out of my system for today.  Will keep improving and maybe someday, some nice, wealthy person will say – “Hey, Joe, nice job.  Here’s a buck for the effort!”

God bless!

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