Easter 2014 – Joe’s Entrance into the Church

This Easter we had three great celebrations:

First and foremost, we celebrated the Resurrection of our Lord: the Greatest Celebration, for all mankind.

We also celebrated the engagement of our daughter Christie to an awesome young man named Joe.  We so look forward to Joe’s being a part of our family.

And not only a part of our family by affinity, but on this Easter of 2014, Joe has also joined our family in Christ Jesus, by his entrance into the Church.  No greater gift could he give to Christie, to Jesus, to himself, and to all of us.  Thank you Joe, and Welcome!

And finally – through the betrothal of Joe to Christie, we will also unite two entire families with one another.  That family we got to meet this Easter.  And a beautiful family at that.  Welcome Chris and Mary, Lisa, Maria and John (and family).  Hope you enjoy some of our pictures, (not all perfect, but through the Holy Spirit and a little squinting – you can get the gist of it).

May our Loving God bless you all!

(P.S. clicking on any picture should open a slide show version)

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