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Hello and welcome visitors.

My name is Joe and I live in mid-Missouri, USA. The shortest description of myself, as we all are, is that I am a child of God.  In this short half century of existence, most of my life has been devoted to using whatever talents God has so graciously provided me with, for supporting my family through varied and exciting occupations. Well sometimes they really weren’t really that exciting, but you know, we find excitement in whatever we’re given to do!! Unfortunately, our economy has not always supported excitement and enthusiasm.  So at times I’ve found it necessary to somehow or other, discover excitement or accomplishment in non-paying occupations as well.  Sometimes it’s called self employment and other times unemployment, which is my current status.  People often ask if I’m retired, but I prefer to classify myself as “pasturized,” as I was involuntarily put to pasture. And now I wander the fields seeking a new “shepherd” to financially support any kind of work I would happily do for them.

Beyond that basic – who is Joe – I could also classify myself as a father, husband, grandfather, Catholic deacon, chemist and teacher.  Beautiful, central Missouri has been our home for the past 20 or so years.  Prior to Missouri, we’ve lived in a number of places between here and the Atlantic Coast.

Occupationally I’ve had a wide variety of work experiences: from grocery store proprietor to mail clerk, from student to research chemist, to teacher, manager and business owner (multiple times).  From the Chemical Professional point of view, I’ve worked in natural product synthesis, as an agrochemical synthesis researcher, a pesticide residue chemist, a metabolism chemist, a food chemistry teacher, an electronics manufacturing process chemist and a carpet dyer.  I’ve taught kids from the elementary school through graduate school levels.  And I still do, and most enjoy the teaching of our Faith to fifth graders, as a volunteer in our Church’s religious education program.

In whatever spare time that was ever left, I’ve enjoyed gardening, photography, bowling, computer graphics, skiing, music, religious studies and helping raise our four incredible children – purely by the Grace of God and the patience of my awesome wife, Mary Ann.  We are very proud of all those kids and our (to date) four grandchildren too!!

Through it all, I’ve always been fascinated with color.  The colors of the trees and the sky, the brilliance of the sea and the beauty of the eye, the way light influences the colors we see and the chemistry of it all.  And then when it’s all synchronized with the harmony of music and immersed in the Wisdom of Faith, ahhh Life surely is magnificent!  All to the praise and glory of our Lord Jesus!

So what about you?  Can you find that perfect symmetry of nature, the incomprehensible complexity of humanity, the majestic beauty of our world’s and universe’s landscapes, the indescribable aura of a beautiful personality, the spiritual euphoria of human touch, and the Wonder of God in all of Life?  This is the challenge and this is His most awesome Gift!  This is the true beauty of You and me!

So again I thank You for visiting.  Now, come let’s explore ColorMe4Life – together!

About Joe Puglis

Hello and welcome to ColorMe4Life and Whispers to the Wind. My name is Joe Puglis and these websites encompass various aspects of my life. From the backgrounds of grocery store proprietor, to research chemist, to manager, carpet dyer and Catholic deacon you'll find a cornucopia of colors here, the Colors of Life. Most dear to my heart is my love of God, my awesome family, and you, beloved. Thank you for visiting. Please come back again. And feel free to visit the links in all pictures and hyper-linked words. These are always hand selected to go with the topic of discussion and kept as absolutely clean as possible. Also, I apologize for any links that have been removed by their owners. In time I try to replace them or update them. Hope you enjoy. May God bless YOU always, in Christ's love! Joe
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1 Response to Hello world!

  1. Joe says:

    On January 18, the website name was changed from Joe4Dyeing to Joe4Life, as my business status changed and I’m no longer dyeing for a living. With that change somehow or other I lost all the site’s pictures and links. I’m gradually repairing. So if any of the links don’t work or you don’t see any pictures – be patient, they’ll come back.
    Blessings. Joe

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