Somewhere in the middle of the last century,

in the middle of a three-story, New Jersey apartment building,

in the middle of a young family,

a new life came into being.

(Notice the attached instruction manual.  Batteries included!)

And he could never remember which had the two t’s,
his middle name, Matthew or the town he was born in:

Well, he finally got the spellings right.
And sixty-some years later they made a movie with that same name.

But it wasn’t about people sleeping around.  And it wasn’t about people killing one another.  And it wasn’t about all the other wicked and evil things people do to one another in our depraved culture.

It was about LIFE!  It was about two people and their dog

scratching out a living in the normal routine of life,

with sprinklings of challenges,

with sprinklings of excitement

and with lots and lots of Love!

If you’re looking for a little change of pace.
If you can be – just a little patient and search out the beauty that life can offer, even in a crime ridden, tough town like Paterson, New Jersey, then sit down, let go of your ‘Need for Speed’

and enjoy the lives of a simple bus driver-poet
and a creative artist-seamstress.

You just might be surprised!

. . . the beauty of the Paterson Falls

. . . it was so . . me

. . . so eclectic,

. . . so Black and White,

 . . . so romantic!

If you grew up there,

or even if you didn’t

Paterson is a pretty cool place to know!

And this author enjoyed the memories!

Link to great review . . .

Here’s one of the Trailers:

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The Look

One of my favorite oldie pix:  Kids with Great grandma and cousin.  And me, always the fix-it guy!

The LookWe truly have the most awesome kids!
And now they’re a Teacher, a Nurse, an Optometrist and a Friar, wives and moms, with their own hubbies and kids to order around and LOVE!

Thank you Lord!

P.S. Oh, and yes, those are Corduroy bell bottoms : )

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This gallery contains 21 photos.

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A Free Tree, Elijah and – A Turkey?


This post is really just designed to introduce my Sister Webpage entitled:

Whispers to the Wind.

But there’s a little more to today’s reflection than might meet the eye.

You see, each day’s reflection begins with the daily Mass readings from
the Sacred Scriptures.  Some days there might be a special Saint celebrated,
and there is always a link to more info on that Saint, hyperlinked to their name.

From the Scriptures, a specific quote is chosen.
It may have to do with the day’s theme or it may just be something
that struck me that day in the readings.
From that quote, I’ll add a comment or two.
Some days the quote may lead to a full homily reflection
and other days, just a few words.

Some days I’ll add a picture, which will always be linked to
either more literature information or most often, a song/video
that will reflect on the quote, the picture or the comment.

And thus, it just so happened that today (for tomorrow’s quote),
I discovered a cute video that reflects, almost exactly,
the sentiments that I wrote about regarding
my Christmas Tree experience,
and my (non-) sales charisma . . .
the actual culmination of my day today!
And it’s all about Jesus!

Please come join in the Whispers experience.
But Please Don’t Miss the Video link
attached to the Christmas Tree Picture . .
– It truly completes the fun!

And remember the progression of the writing:
1.Quote, 2.Reflection, 3.Picture, then 4.Picture Link…

Click on Picture below
Christmas Tree

Thanks for visiting – and God Bless you always!
Merry CHRISTmas!

(p.s. as I was just about to publish this post – a bell went klinking off a branch from our new tree –  hmmmm – another angel got their wings!!!  Thank you Jesus  : )

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Zoom Zoom Sunset Pix

This gallery contains 17 photos.

Some evening pics with surprises. Taken with Sony A100 DSLR with DT55-300mm zoom lens. Clicking on any picture will open slideshow view… Enjoy! ______________________________end of post

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Butterflies 2013

Playing with a new telephoto zoom lens on my Sony Alpha-100 camera.
It’s a DT55-300mm lens (SAL55300).
Still learning the ropes on focusing and holding still.
Gets tougher with moving objects like birds and butterflies.
But here are a few early trials with some distant and close up subjects.

Clicking on any picture will get you into slideshow mode where photos are larger.

Very amateur, but hope you enjoy!
God bless!

P.S. Butterfly is an American Lady (Vanessa virginiensis)

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Our Cormorant – A Very Different Visitor

Cor 3For about a week this summer, we had a very different kind of visitor in the pond behind our home in mid-Missouri.

Our usual inhabitants are geese, ducks, owls, hawks, and great blue herons, besides the little birds.

But we noticed something very different about this bird, as it sat there on the stump of an old pine with its wings spread out for minutes at a time.

Cor 2It was smaller than a goose and floated lower in the water than a duck.

Then, like a duck, we would see it would dive under the water for some food.

A little research quickly told us that it was a young cormorant. Young, because it’s breast had a yellowish tint instead of being all black.

Cor 1Unfortunately my 7omm Sony zoom could not quite get close enough to get some of the spectacular pictures, like these three from the web,  but you can get a feel from the slide show below, what we viewed from the house.


And without republishing the tons of literature on the internet on Cormorants, here are a few links.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology:



Pretty cool bird!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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