“I look just like you”

Fifty-seven years ago!
How did they know?

“I voted for the other guy”
And I got my vaccine too!

Did you get yours???

Ever have a conversation with one of those brain dead zombies?
It’s scary!
And here we go….

Pray for all of us, beloved.  We certainly need it!
And always remember,
“We’re all beautiful, just the way we are!”

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Somewhere in the middle of the last century,

in the middle of a three-story, New Jersey apartment building,

in the middle of a young family,

a new life came into being.

(Notice the attached instruction manual.  Batteries included!)

And he could never remember which had the two t’s,
his middle name, Matthew or the town he was born in:

Well, he finally got the spellings right.
And sixty-some years later they made a movie with that same name.

But it wasn’t about people sleeping around.  And it wasn’t about people killing one another.  And it wasn’t about all the other wicked and evil things people do to one another in our depraved culture.

It was about LIFE!  It was about two people and their dog

scratching out a living in the normal routine of life,

with sprinklings of challenges,

with sprinklings of excitement

and with lots and lots of Love!

If you’re looking for a little change of pace.
If you can be – just a little patient and search out the beauty that life can offer, even in a crime ridden, tough town like Paterson, New Jersey, then sit down, let go of your ‘Need for Speed’

and enjoy the lives of a simple bus driver-poet
and a creative artist-seamstress.

You just might be surprised!

. . . the beauty of the Paterson Falls

. . . it was so . . me

. . . so eclectic,

. . . so Black and White,

 . . . so romantic!

If you grew up there,

or even if you didn’t

Paterson is a pretty cool place to know!

And this author enjoyed the memories!

Link to great review . . .

Here’s one of the Trailers:

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The Look

One of my favorite oldie pix:  Kids with Great grandma and cousin.  And me, always the fix-it guy!

The LookWe truly have the most awesome kids!
And now they’re a Teacher, a Nurse, an Optometrist and a Friar, wives and moms, with their own hubbies and kids to order around and LOVE!

Thank you Lord!

P.S. Oh, and yes, those are Corduroy bell bottoms : )

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This gallery contains 21 photos.

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A Free Tree, Elijah and – A Turkey?


This post is really just designed to introduce my Sister Webpage entitled:

Whispers to the Wind.

But there’s a little more to today’s reflection than might meet the eye.

You see, each day’s reflection begins with the daily Mass readings from
the Sacred Scriptures.  Some days there might be a special Saint celebrated,
and there is always a link to more info on that Saint, hyperlinked to their name.

From the Scriptures, a specific quote is chosen.
It may have to do with the day’s theme or it may just be something
that struck me that day in the readings.
From that quote, I’ll add a comment or two.
Some days the quote may lead to a full homily reflection
and other days, just a few words.

Some days I’ll add a picture, which will always be linked to
either more literature information or most often, a song/video
that will reflect on the quote, the picture or the comment.

And thus, it just so happened that today (for tomorrow’s quote),
I discovered a cute video that reflects, almost exactly,
the sentiments that I wrote about regarding
my Christmas Tree experience,
and my (non-) sales charisma . . .
the actual culmination of my day today!
And it’s all about Jesus!

Please come join in the Whispers experience.
But Please Don’t Miss the Video link
attached to the Christmas Tree Picture . .
– It truly completes the fun!

And remember the progression of the writing:
1.Quote, 2.Reflection, 3.Picture, then 4.Picture Link…

Click on Picture below
Christmas Tree

Thanks for visiting – and God Bless you always!
Merry CHRISTmas!

(p.s. as I was just about to publish this post – a bell went klinking off a branch from our new tree –  hmmmm – another angel got their wings!!!  Thank you Jesus  : )

_____________________________end of post

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Zoom Zoom Sunset Pix

This gallery contains 17 photos.

Some evening pics with surprises. Taken with Sony A100 DSLR with DT55-300mm zoom lens. Clicking on any picture will open slideshow view… Enjoy! ______________________________end of post

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Butterflies 2013

Playing with a new telephoto zoom lens on my Sony Alpha-100 camera.
It’s a DT55-300mm lens (SAL55300).
Still learning the ropes on focusing and holding still.
Gets tougher with moving objects like birds and butterflies.
But here are a few early trials with some distant and close up subjects.

Clicking on any picture will get you into slideshow mode where photos are larger.

Very amateur, but hope you enjoy!
God bless!

P.S. Butterfly is an American Lady (Vanessa virginiensis)

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Our Cormorant – A Very Different Visitor

Cor 3For about a week this summer, we had a very different kind of visitor in the pond behind our home in mid-Missouri.

Our usual inhabitants are geese, ducks, owls, hawks, and great blue herons, besides the little birds.

But we noticed something very different about this bird, as it sat there on the stump of an old pine with its wings spread out for minutes at a time.

Cor 2It was smaller than a goose and floated lower in the water than a duck.

Then, like a duck, we would see it would dive under the water for some food.

A little research quickly told us that it was a young cormorant. Young, because it’s breast had a yellowish tint instead of being all black.

Cor 1Unfortunately my 7omm Sony zoom could not quite get close enough to get some of the spectacular pictures, like these three from the web,  but you can get a feel from the slide show below, what we viewed from the house.


And without republishing the tons of literature on the internet on Cormorants, here are a few links.

Cornell Lab of Ornithology:



Pretty cool bird!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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09-01-13 Whispers – Catholic Daily Mass Quotes


Whispers to the Wind has moved to its own NEW WEBSITE beginning
September 2013.  All of the past two years of Whispers Pages
have been moved as well.

Please come visit the new site at

Whispers to the Wind are brief reflections on quotable pieces of the Catholic Mass Scriptures read every day.  The quotes may come from the Old Testament, Psalms, Epistles, or from the Holy Gospel readings.  Pictures always link to more information or
a musical piece relating to the Scripture quote, or sometimes to the Saint of the day.

Below is an example of one day’s Whisper.  Quotes are highlighted in blue italics with the Scripture reference following . . .  The picture link in the example below will also bring you to the Whispers home.

(22nd Sunday Ordinary Time, C)
Jesus said, “every one who exalts himself will be humbled,
but the one who humbles himself will be exalted.” Lk 14:1, 7-14

biff-back-to-the-futureShhhhhh . . .

Remember that bully kid, Biff,
in Back to the Future?
If you ever watch the whole series,
it’s fun to see what happens in the end
to the one who exalted himself
and the family who were humble.

Maybe we think that it’s all just Hollywood.
But ever run into that bully kid from your
Junior High days, years later?
Same story!

Jesus is always right!  So stop fretting over it.
May He bless you with the strength to survive it –
if you’re in the midst of it now.
But know, in consolation, beloved,
that the future is in God’s hands.
And God is JUST!

Just wait and see.
It’ll all be worth it!

Link to Today’s homily (“Who’s Poor”)

_____________________________________end of post

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Elijah – Seeking God

Hello Bloggers!  Well, it’s been a long long time since I’ve posted anything new here.
Of course, “Whispers to the Wind” is updated every day and “Homilies” monthly.
But I don’t seem to get many visitors there – Looks like Google doesn’t follow updates
to Pages.  But I really do like the ‘Page’ format much better than these Posts.  Unfortunately Pages don’t come with tags and Google seems to like the tags and pictures for searches.

So today we have a totally new video that I’ve composed with a song from a beautiful young singer named Hannah. The video’s title is “Elijah – Seeking God”  I discovered Hannah’s original music searching for something to go along with the Whispers Page.  Hannah’s song lyrics were perfect.  The video is still, maybe a little crude – it’s my first adventure into adding .GIF’s and a little more video segments using the Apple iMovie program. Sometimes the best you can give is the best you can get.  It’s published in
HD quality – so if you have the choice – the quality is a little better as you go up.

Hope you enjoy!
God bless you, beloved!
Always to the Glory of Jesus!

Elijah – Seeking God Thanks for visiting!
Would love to hear your comments!

_____________________________________________end of post

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The Tomb

(Holy Saturday)
The TombSilence!
The anguish, the sorrow, the unknown.
The loneliness, the heartbreak, the emptiness.
The anger, the . . .

. . . to continue, Click on picture above
And just what is that white dot in there???

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Portable Bookshelf

Click on Picture for Link to “A Portable Bookshelf”

Yes, we can buy them at WalMart or Target.

But sometimes they can be pretty chincy too.

And where’s the fun in that anyway!

So here’s how we can make our own, unique, portable bookshelf, with a little ingenuity and a few tools.

Hope you enjoy!



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.  .  .   “This whole ‘Head and Heart’ discussion reminded me of a pine tree
that used to live
in our front yard.  It was one of eleven, brother and sister,
white pines that grew there over the past 19-years.
To the head (to the eye and the mind), all of those trees
looked fairly healthy, full and green.
And then a few days before this past Christmas, . . .

. . . So what about us?
Ever come face-to-face, eye-to-eye, with evil? . . .

Deliverance headerClick on Picture for Full Article (Homily 02-03-13)

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My Ludovico Einaudi – Jan 2013 “In a Time Lapse”

Anyone who hasn’t discovered Ludovico Einaudi yet is missing
a very, very sweet piece of life.

Today he presented a note on Facebook about his latest album
called “In a Time Lapse.”

Several have already made video shorts which include some of the new songs.

This one, I’ve linked through the January Whispers, is called “Burning.”
(Please scroll down in Whispers to find Picture/Video Link)
Loved the colorful pix in this video presentation…

Ludovico - "Burning"

Ludovico’s Facebook link brought us to the following:
(Video goes about 2 minutes before actually starting music)

Hope you enjoy!

As always, with God’s blessings.
In Christ’s love, Joe

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Happy Fall

Why Fall?

(Don’t miss the links with each picture)


from space,




from a board,



from a wall,



Continue reading

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Dare to Step Over the Line to Freedom

Today we hear –

. . . the story of a group of people who escaped oppression and slavery,
and dreamt of a ‘Land of Freedom’.

They were like little children, dreaming of someday driving a car.
They could just see that car.  Theycar could even hold the steering wheel.  But they still had to grow tall enough to reach the pedals.  And they had to learn the ‘rules of the road’, so they wouldn’t kill themselves or . . .

(click on car to continue reading)

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Mystery – Mystery

What does Dying, New York City, the Grand Canyon,
Outer Space and Wheat
have to do with Paschal Mystery?

And what is “Paschal Mystery” anyway?

Come see. . .

Link to Paschal Mystery Page

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Photo Gallery

Here are some collections of our photography…

Clicking on above picture will link you to the Photo Gallery Page
and from there you can link to the individual series…
New photos will be added periodically.





ColorMe4Life Headers

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A lesson in morality
A lesson in faith
A lesson in justice
A lesson in truth

And just a little – common sense

Lifting child – a lesson in acceptable vs. unacceptable risk and a basic lesson in morality. 
Do you remember when we were kids, playing that game where we would pick up a smaller child by the head, while they were holding on to our hands or arms?  I’ve seen it done by adults even today (while I hold my breath).  Well in my 7 or 8-year young scientific mind, I rationalized that the body of a smaller child shouldn’t be too heavy to be lifted – without their holding on, IF they tightened up their neck muscles sufficiently.  Unfortunately when we tried it, my little cousin let out a blood curdling scream that meant  Continue reading

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Jesus – The Solution to Evil

The Solution to Evil in a world looking Ugly…
Jesus said, “You have heard that it was said,
‘You shall love your neighbor and hate your enemy.’
But I say to you,
love your enemies and
pray for those who persecute you,

Mt 5:43-48

Could you just imagine what the world would look like
if we could all embrace this philosophy!

Link to more, from Daily Mass Quotes – June 2012 (06-19-12) . . .

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Naboth – The Problem of Evil

The Problem of Evil in a world of Good
Naboth the Jezreelite had a vineyard . . .”  1 Kgs 21:1-16

Now the story went, that King Ahab wanted Naboth’s vineyard,
except Naboth held that vineyard as something very important to himself,  because it was his ancestral heritage.
So he refused to give, trade or sell it.

Well Ahab acted like a little child in the whole matter
and went home pouting.
But behind that weasel of a man was a very powerful and evil woman named . . . Continue reading

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Happy Spring

Why Spring?

Bunny Rabbits,










. Continue reading

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God’s Artwork

On Tuesday morning,
two days after Christmas,
the Lord, through mother nature,
wrapped us in a beauty that only He could create.

We sometimes call Him . . .

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THE Christmas Anthology

Ever wonder where all those little details in
our Christmas Story came from,

like the Manger and the Camels and
the Shepherds and the Wise Men?

Did you know that, of the four Gospels,
only two of them speak of some of these details?

Continue reading

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Profound Epiphanies

Sometimes things happen that are so sudden, so surprising, and so extremely profound that we don’t even realize the enormous significance of it until long after it actually occurred.  And when it hits us, it almost takes our breath away . . .

Continue reading . . .

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The Gospel of Life

Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil; 
for thou art with me…
Psalm 23

Man is called to a fullness of life which far exceeds the
dimensions of his earthly existence, because

“It is a book that most beautifully describes Life and . . .”
Click to Continue reading . . .
then scroll down to the 11-2-11 quotes

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Mustard Seed Hope

St. Paul said, “For who hopes for what one sees?

A child may hope for a gift at Christmas.
It is something she has absolutely no capacity to obtain on her own.  She is purely reliant on others to get it for her, and so she hopes!
But as adults . . .

Continue reading . . .

(from Whispers to the Wind, Daily Mass Quotes – October 2011)

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Lost Video

UPDATE ANNOUNCEMENT:  The blocking of “The Life of Mary Our Mother – Part 3” has been removed in most countries.  The combined series video is also available through the link below.

Thank you EMI.


Hello all.

Sorry to announce this, but for some reason the third of the “Mary Our Mother” videos has been blocked on YouTube.  Seems those ‘Blocking Demons’ are at it again.  I’m constantly having to check my links here on the website to assure they haven’t been removed.  This time we got hit directly.  There are about 6 songs in the video, any of which may have been the cause of the hit.  At least a couple or a few of those songs are in the other two sections, which have not been disturbed.  That leaves Breath of Heaven by Amy Grant and a couple Thomas Jones instrumentals. Breath of Heaven is on many other YouTube vids.  I might guess then that it could be the Jones songs.  I’ll work on getting Part 3 to another source, but in the meantime will keep you posted.  Again sorry.  It was the risk, but unfortunately Part 3 just ties it all together. We’ll place it His hands as it is ALL about Jesus!  I’m certainly not looking for any profit or gain other than bringing more souls back into His arms!


Two alternatives to reaching Mary – Part 3, so far.  Third on it’s way.

1. Made a New Video combining all three parts : “The Life of Mary Our Mother – Series

2.  Facebook link, shown below.

3 – I’m working on editing the Breath of Heaven song in Part 3 and will re-publish when complete – guessing that may be the blocked song.


can now be found on my Facebook page.
We must be friends – so if I don’t know you please introduce yourself and
mention that you’d like to see the 3rd Mary video.
It’s under the Profile, Pictures, Videos section.
Link to Facebook is in the About tab of this website.


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You know you need a job when . . .

You know you need a job when…

You find yourself writing blogs about needing a job,

Five months of your meager pension savings go toward a car tuneup,

Dinner out is at the grocery store’s cafeteria, on a coupon,

You’ve become an expert at folding fitted sheets into something other than a ball,
– And after you’ve fixed the bed, you can bounce a quarter in the middle,

Continue reading

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The Birth of Mary – the Mother of God

September 8, 2011

Happy Birthday Mary!!!

For those who may have wondered where the stories of Mary’s birth came from,
here is an excerpt from an early writing…


Continue reading

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