Nature’s Color

Interesting how nature feeds upon itself and how sometimes even nature can be fooled by imitations.  As part of my business, I drive a rather unique and distinctive vehicle.

Nature's Wonders

It’s color had, I’m sure, been selected because of its ability to draw attention.  One might call it fuschia.  Although if you look up the color fuschia in Google Images, you’ll find a range of colors from pink to purple.

The Van

Now the interesting fact that I’ve discovered here, besides the human attraction to the color of my van, is the enormous attraction it draws to mother nature.  And maybe you’ve observed this with your car too, so my color theory may be all hogwash.  (let me know) The first thing I noticed was that birds would perch on my side view mirrors and peck at themselves – I would guess, thinking it was another bird in there… Odd, I thought. Then I would find all kinds of butterflies loved to flutter around my van.  They especially seemed to like the yellow lettering.  Hmmmm.

Flying Horse

Lately, however, every time I reach home after a drive and  just before entering the garage, there is this horsefly who flies circles around the van.  It’s kinda like your dog rushing up to greet you after work!  He (she) used to go as far as visiting us inside the garage, but has since learned it’s a lot safer outside.  So now, once the car is parked, our new pet will quickly leave us.  We’re happy! But the neatest occurrence happened the other day.  After backing into our garage (an old habit from our Buffalo, NY snow days) I shut the engine off and stayed a few minutes to finish a really good song.  As I was sitting there in the car enjoying a brilliant sunny morning and the entrancing harmonies of Ludovico  Einaudi, I was visited by a rapidly passing hummingbird, who stopped mid-garage door opening to see what was in there.  After a quick peek, he/she left and moments later brought along a partner.  Now, the two of them were hovering outside the garage door, pondering what this big “fuschia” thing was, just in front of them.  I imagine it would  be comparable to us discovering a chocolate birthday cake 90 ft in diameter and 20 ft high!  And yet it wasn’t quite enough, this quick peek, for one of our bedazzled, needle beaked darters.  That particular hummingbird actually flew into the garage and right up to my window to catch a closer glimpse.  I guess when she noticed that the fragrance of this gigantic flower was more like engine oil than a real fuschia flower, she finally woke up to reality and quickly buzzed off.  But I’d bet she still dreams of that monstrous fuschia she’ll someday see in birdie heaven.

Do you ever find nature so truly amazing, in so many different ways?

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